Photo by the lovely and talented  Anna McParlan

Photo by the lovely and talented Anna McParlan

About Jordan

Like anything created, I believe art has power. It speaks in its wonderfully wordless way, It adds vibrance and weight–a dimension deeper than letters and numbers. 

I am an illustrator and designer perched with my family in the stunning, hilly Lake Superior city, Duluth, Minnesota. I work with a range of small and big organizations, companies and people, creating art that comes alongside and makes messages bloom. I especially love getting to create art for folks that are using their power to participate in the greatest goods–kindness, love, generosity, serving others over self. I am about these things, too.

I'd love to get to know you, too–and have the opportunity to create together.

You can email me at 

Clients Include

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

SALT Project

Hatch Factory Productions

International Mountain Biking Association / Cyclists of Gitchee Gamee Shores

The Vineyard Church

Quarto Publishing Group